Sprint 6 Retrospective

This sprint we made huge advancements towards accomplishing our goals for the semester.  Unfortunately, due to the time constraints, we will not be able to produce a final product.  Hopefully, we will be able to provide something that the next class can build on and learn from what we are able to put together and pass on to them.

For this sprint, we each chose a different aspect of what was needed and each worked on different services that we planned to bring together at the end and the beginning of this next sprint before working on the presentation.  We ran into a lot of issues though during this sprint with having crypto-js importing correctly. I am unsure at this time whether the crypto-js library will be able to be used moving forward or if the team that works on encryption next semester will have to find a different library to use.  I do feel that we have learned a lot of lessons though. We were able to participate in a project the same way that we will when we start working after graduation. I believe that is more or less left to figure it out on our own and put into scrums will make the transition easier when we take on our first real-world project outside of school.  I believe that another part that worked against us is that none of us were quick enough or confident enough to step up into a leadership role to help guide the team and help make sure we were reaching goals throughout the sprint, as well as the other sprints.

This sprint I did learn a lot more about Angular and testing in Angular in particular.  The set up reminded me a lot of JUnit testing that we have done in the past. You start by declaring whatever variables are necessary at the beginning of the test.  If they are variables that you need to be repeated for multiple tests you can either put them under declare each or to declare once before any tests run. Then in your tests to state whether or not you expect to equal or not equal a specific outcome.  From there you will be presented with an output to let you know if the test either passed, failed, or failed to run successfully. I do hope that while we will not complete what we were asked to deliver, what we will present will help future classes and does not have to be thrown out completely.

The next sprint will be our final sprint and will also be a shortened sprint, roughly half the length as a regular sprint.  We will be preparing our final group presentations and it will be tough to do without having a set of deliverables to present to the rest of the class.  I do think that ours will be a little different than the rest of the groups as we will be focusing more the lessons that we learned from failing to meet the desired objective of this semester.


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