Share What You Learn

Share what you learn is a pattern that believes that in order for new apprentices and others to learn we need to share what knowledge we have.  This is a very important apprenticeship pattern that is looked over often. Passing along your knowledge is what allows future generations to improve standards and practices.  It may also help your peers fill in that missing piece that they may need in order to complete a large project that they are stuck on. With the advancement in technology, it is easier than ever to share what you have learned with almost anyone around the world.

My past work experiences have instilled in me that this is absolutely true.  When I joined the Geek Squad at Best Buy I had a base level of technical knowledge but was not an expert by any means.  Thanks to the other employees sharing what they knew as I watched on for the first few weeks. This allowed me to take in and learn from what they already knew instead of being on my own to figure out what the specific problem was, research the different possibilities that could have caused this to occur, and finally trying the different solutions through trial and error.  This not only made my life easier but created a better experience for our customers. They got their device back sooner because we already had a good idea of what the problem was and they were able to start from the most likely solutions and work out from there. It also made them feel more confident in our abilities to work on their unit. While some may know that there can be different causes for a problem and a solution could be as easy as turning it off and on again, most customers that I interacted with did not know or understand this concept and would sharply lose confidence in us if we were not magically able to touch the device and have it fixed so the quicker we are able to do so the better.

As a brand new apprentice, I will not have the ability to follow through with this pattern right away I will be able to, and plan to, take full advantage of others sharing what they have learned and absorbing as much information as I can to better contribute to the team and the final products.  I do believe that it is a very important pattern and as soon as I am in a position to help pass any knowledge that I have along to others in order to help them improve and develop in their trade I intend to take full advantage of that opportunity. It will help improve on three different aspects.  First, it will help the apprentice to develop a stronger toolkit moving forward. Second, it will help you develop leadership skills and presentation skills. Lastly, it will help your trade as a whole, having more skilled tradesmen working will help create better products and practices.


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