Learn How You Fail

Everyone is going to fail at one point or another in our lives.  Those that do not experience failure haven’t tried; failure is a part of living.  The important part is to see what these failures are, see what setbacks you face and what you are going to change moving forward in order to try and keep from repeating the same failures over and over again.  It may also just mean recognizing when things are heading in a direction towards failure and cutting your losses.

This is another apprenticeship pattern that I believe can be applied to any other profession and also extends to all aspects of life.  Early on in my career in the Army, I saw my share of failures and mistakes. The Army knows that this will happen and that is a big part of basic training.  Making mistakes and realizing that a lot of the time it is not the end of the world. The important part is to not dwell on your mistakes and feel sorry for yourself, but instead to identify what caused the failures and change your habits or actions to prevent that mistake from happening again.

Starting at a junior position I will be in a position to make plenty of mistakes and fail multiple times.  I am excited about this opportunity because while I understand that failure should not be celebrated and we showed be striving for success, it does give me the chance to learn and grow in this field.  It will give me a chance to stumble and interact with my superiors who will provide guidance and pass along what they have learned. If I stay away from any position or role that has the opportunity for failure means that I have also stayed away from any role or position that gave me a chance to succeed and progress toward a mastery of the craft.  Taking risks and running the possibility of failure is what will help me grow in this trade and pass that knowledge along to others that I work with and those that come after me and hopefully leave the field a little better than when I came into it.


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