Sprint 4 Retrospective

This sprint was a little different than the others because the week of spring break was in the middle of our sprint.  I think for most of the team, and certainly know that this applies to myself, that the week of spring break threw off my rhythm of work.  I had plans for things to accomplish, but other things kept coming up to include taking a break from all school work and reset. Although we were able to accomplish several of our goals and move forward as a team.  We worked on different basic programs that used encryption in order to try and find which library would work best for this project. In the end, we chose the crypto-js library. Crypto-js is flexible enough that it can effectively encrypt a string to allow us to accomplish our goal of encrypting passwords.  It will also allow us to encrypt objects so that will make it easier to encrypt information inputted by the users. From what we can tell so far this will cover all of the encryption needs that were laid out in the user stories at the beginning of the semester.

We also talked and realized that we may not be moving at the best pace and are not where we are all happy to be for the project at this point in the semester.  It’s important that we realize that we can’t go back and change what has happened earlier in the semester. All we can do is realize what we may have done wrong and fix those issues moving forward to the rest of the semester.  We discussed it a little during our retrospective and will talk about it more when we plan our next sprint. We will keep the lessons that we learned both good and bad while moving forward and accomplishing as much as we can for the end of the semester.

As a positive, we realized a good formula for our team in regards to breaking up the larger tasks into smaller more manageable individualistic tasks for team members to accomplish.  I feel that we have developed a good level of communication throughout our team. In my opinion, I believe that it took us a little longer than we all would have liked to get to this level of comfort and ease of sharing ideas that we may be a little nervous of that is not one hundred percent correct and the best solution.  We have developed a more open communication and I have noticed that we are starting to share more ideas and that will help us for the next couple of sprints to effectively produce a product that can help the Ampath project improve.

One obstacle that we need to realize that we need to get over is that while we may have to write a basic encryption service we will also have to develop more communication will all of the other teams and work together to write the code that will go into each of their services that the other teams are developing.  If we don’t do this then all of the teams run the risk of the services not syncing up on the encryption level or the teams trying to use different encryption libraries because we did not proactively work with the rest of the class to prevent that issue from occurring.


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