Sprint 3 Retrospective

I feel that this sprint was good from the aspect that during the planning phase we seemed to come together more, and everyone added more input into tasks to break the items on the product backlog into and which ones we felt that we could accomplish during this sprint.  I feel that we are starting to hit our stride and be more comfortable as a team voicing opinions and ideas to each other.  Even though we are approaching the halfway mark in the semester without making too many contributions to the project.  From this last sprint into this upcoming sprint, each member of the team is making a bare-bones application with each one using a different encryption method.  When we meet again we will all have a better understanding of how encryption is applied in Angular and we can effectively suggest an encryption method to the Ampath team.   After that, I feel like we will have better direction and a better sense of purpose as a team since we will be working on services that can be applied to the project and feel more like we are contributing.

While our communication improved during the work classes we still have a lot of work to do communicating outside of class.  Some of our work classes were canceled due to snow and I believe that negatively impacted our team more than it should have.  Someone mentioned during the sprint review that the sprint would have gone better if we had been able to have more work classes.  While I don’t disagree with that statement it did make me think; did we utilize our time and communication ability between classes as much as possible?  I cannot honestly say that we did or feel like we accomplished all that we could in the time allotted.

I was assigned to create an application using crypto-js.  My first step was to do research, this included three different areas to focus on.  The first was encryption in general to get more familiarity with it, the second was how encryption was implemented in Angular, and the third part was to research crypto-js and how it was specifically implemented.  I found several examples of how to insert the encryption code into a program as well as one to create an Angular app to encrypt a file.  I lost the link to the site and am on the hunt to find it again, I was lucky enough to have downloaded the sample code already.

I hope that after spring break we can accomplish more as a team during our sprints and feel that we will after hitting these setbacks and discussing our team shortcomings at the sprint retrospectives we will keep improving every time.  After this upcoming sprint, we will be able to choose an encryption method with reasons why to back it up when we present it to Ampath.  Then I truly believe that we will have a renewed sense of purpose that will give the team the drive we need to meet our project goals by the end of the semester.


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