Sprint 2 Retrospective

Overall I feel that this sprint could have gone better, but as a silver lining, it gave us an opportunity to see what we need to improve on moving forward.  Luckily this happened early on in the project and wasn’t an issue that went unnoticed until the semester was almost over.  The important part is to reflect on the faults of this sprint in order to improve and avoid the same mistakes moving forward.  I do believe that we did start to come together as a team and work well together.  I feel that everyone on the team is willing to listen to everyone else’s opinions without passing judgment or shutting each other down even when disagreeing.

One important piece that we did not do is documenting.  We should have documented what we figured out to help us navigate what we were learning.  Looking forward I plan on taking personal notes recapping the team meetings just to keep a personal track on what we talk about.  I feel that we also need to encourage each other to start documenting what we find when working outside of team meetings, or even what we may come up with during the class time.  This will help reinforce what we learn and also allow us to more effectively share it with the rest of the team.

Another problem area was assigning tasks.  There’s an old saying that I learned years ago that if a job is assigned to everyone than it is assigned to no one.  Meaning that if it is kept general and said that “this is a team task” without specifying a role for every member, even if it is explicit for each member to complete the same task, then there is a strong chance that no one will do it and expect a different team member to do it.  There needs to be direct ownership of tasks to ensure they at least get worked on.  When there is no ownership that also means that no one can be held accountable for failing to do it.

The sprint wasn’t a complete failure though.  We read through the user stories to get a better understanding of what was going to be expected of us.  This also helped start team discussions as to which service and task we wanted to take on for the majority of the semester.  This also helped get us started on mapping out the program and services that the class will be working on improving.  We started to look at the ng2-amrs code both on our own and during the last few class periods.  We started to look at where we login to the site and walked through the code starting from the login to try and map out how the program runs and works with the REST API.  Again this would have been better to write some kind of documentation to reinforce our understanding of this mapping.

While not the most successful sprint I do believe that it was productive from the point that we learned what not to do moving forward.  My hope is that we can build on our failures and become more successful for the rest of the semester.  While it’s important not to dismiss this sprint entirely we can’t let it bring us down and lower the team’s morale.


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