Sprint 1 Retrospective

This was our first sprint as a team and was anything but normal.  I would like to say that I believe that having a sprint where the main objective to set up our personal and team environments was a great starting point.  It allowed everyone on the team to help each other get ready for the project and not feel like we had to rush.  It also gave us to sit together as a team and go through the same steps that we will in future sprints.  There was definitely a lot of experience to gain with very little risk if we did not complete the sprint the correct way.  That’s not to say there was no risk, because if we did not set up our environment or study Angular we will be in trouble next sprint.  We did not start contributing to the project though so it was less stressful than a trial by fire and risk falling behind at the beginning of the project and put the team in a bad mood and kill morale for the rest of the semester.  The other side of this sprint though was that most of the activities were personal and did not contribute to a group whole at the end of the sprint so for times in the middle of the sprint it was hard to be able to talk during the working classes to the rest of the team about our progress and work as a team.  I am fully aware though that that will not be the case moving forward though and even though we will be working individually I think since they will be pieces of a whole it will be easier to collaborate during class and reach out when we run into roadblocks.

This made the rating difficult for the first sprint as well.  It quickly became hard to rate the rest of the team on their contributions to the team during the sprint when there was not much of a team effort needed, with the main exception being if someone needed assistance setting up the environment or asked a specific question on one of the user stories.

I feel like this sprint got our team ready to go though and I look forward to helping improve this application throughout the semester and working with my team.  We are set up in a good place and we have a solid foundation to start working on our portion of this project.  I also like that we will be working on a real world application that we can put on our resume, but also one that is doing good throughout the world and be able to point to it in the future and say “I helped make that better.”  I’ve talked to a few people about it, but I think that as a whole everyone is excited to start working on this application and feel that even though we are on separate teams we are all willing to help other teams.  This really has the feeling of a project that is bigger than us and no one is competing against anyone else the way that some may feel if we were all completing the same assignment or taking tests.  We are all taking on this task together and ready to do it to the best of our ability.


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