Unleash Your Enthusiasm

Unleashing your enthusiasm focuses on bringing enthusiasm to your new team.  It emphasizes approaching your new team with energy and readiness to learn as much as possible.  The book explains that a lot of new developers may be hesitant to appear too enthusiastic, thinking that the team that they are integrating into might not be welcoming to the new injection of enthusiasm into their work place.  Enthusiasm is infectious though and in just a short period your enthusiasm to work and learn will spread to the other team members and the overall work environment will rise.  I agree that this works not only in software development, but in any industry.  During my time in the Army there were plenty of days that were miserable at best.  No matter what the condition was though if you had a positive energy and enthusiasm it made the day a little easier.  When one person showed up with this type of attitude they were quickly berated and rejected by those who were determined to stay miserable.  Soon enough though the positive attitude spread to others and everyone had seemingly found what little good and joy there was to find that day.  Work then seemed easier and the day moved quicker.  No one could tell you any specific time or event that the change occurred.  The tone of the team just kind of changed as the enthusiasm spread.  I think that a high morale and enthusiasm for the job will greatly improve the overall morale and performance of the team.  I found the study from the aircraft carrier interesting.  The idea that new employees mixed with seasoned vets of the industry makes sense, but is often overlooked until it is brought up.  The vets share their experience with the new employees while the new employees are able to share the newer ways of teaching and question the way things have been done in order to change procedures if necessary.  When the employee is in the middle of these two extremes is where changes are made and new procedures and policies replace the old.  It’s important to for all to remember that this process doesn’t work without a mutual respect and open mindedness towards all.


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