Agile Testing Can Make or Break The Business

A recent blog post from Cigniti discusses the importance that Agile Testing has in enterprises (  The post does not argue whether or not Agile Testing is essential for enterprises, but instead discusses why it is essential for enterprises to employ this method of testing in it’s daily operations.   It is becoming increasingly clear that their are many benefits to incorporating Agile Testing in their enterprise.  Enterprises need to be flexible and able to change in order to stay competitive and try to keep an edge over rivals.  One of the biggest and most obvious advantages of Agile Testing is the flexibility it provides to not only the testing team, but all teams involved.  The short sprints that Agile Testing provides allows companies to adjust their goals quickly and easily if the customer or the development teams changes their desired outcomes.  This is essential to businesses that want to maintain an advantage over other companies and stay attractive to clients.  Agile Testing also helps improve the overall customer experience.  The flexibility and constant ability for change helps a business adjust to a customer’s inevitable desire to change their minds on what they want from their product.  Agile Testing also helps the testing team and development team communicate more and relay information back and forth to work with each other rather than against each other.  While there is always risks in producing a product Agile Testing greatly cuts down on these risks.  Being able to stay in constant conversation and working in sprints it allows teams to catch and resolve issues as they arise.  Companies can then adjust time frames as well as end user products in a timely manner rather than waiting until closer to the release date and having to push the launch back completely or risk losing the contract with the customer.  These all boil down to communication between all teams involved on the project.  Without proper communication Agile Testing falls apart and loses much of its efficiency.  It’s important to realize that the completion of a quality product that satisfies the customer’s needs is more important than the pride of any individual or team involved.  Programmers should be ready and willing to bring up any issues or faults that are found as well as be receptive to any constructive criticism from other team members.  This allows Agile Testing to work effectively and efficiently throughout the entire development process.



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