Testing Really Does Matter

This week I read an article called “Why Testing Matters (https://blog.smartbear.com/software-testing/why-testing-matters/).  It’s easy to take testing for granted and start to think it is less important when everything is going right.  When testing is not taken seriously though serious problems can arise.  The article touches on a  few recent issues to further cement the point of the article that testing plays a critical role.  The first issue is that the iOS 11.1 update causing the letter “I” not typing and a crackling sound during calls.  This can be detrimental to a company especially one like Apple that has strong competition with Android and people are quick to switch phone types after a few issues.  Android is not without their own testing issues though.  The Android OnePlus 5 disconnected users who tried calling 911.  It’s important to remember that faults and errors are not only a slight annoyance to the end user, but can also cause dangerous situations for your users.  The one that stood out to me in the article is a software bug that revealed the names over 1,000 Facebook moderators to hate groups that were being watched for posting inappropriate content including potential terrorist organizations.  This puts Facebook’s own employees and their families at risk.  Beyond that it is also a reminder how easily our personal information can be exposed just by ignoring or overlooking a few simple tests.  A few additional hours of testing and work can save your end users many months or even years of head aches and problems dealing with identity theft.  There were also issues that were found with the global positioning system ground software.  Due to software issues there was an error of 13 microseconds.  While that doesn’t seem like a lot that averages out to be just under four kilometers off course.  This is a very serious error in positioning and navigation and can cause errors for millions of users.  Since software testing was not seen as a priority a delay in testing caused a new fleet of passenger train cars in Oakland to deal with overcrowded trains to be delayed.  While the exteriors of the cars are being built on schedule the delay in testing is bottle necking the process.  I like this blog because it shows a broad spectrum of issues and in different industries.  That’s good because it helps promote the idea that software testing is needed everywhere and it’s not just for a company that only produces commercial software.


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