Testlio Changes the Game

There’s a small company out of Estonia that is making a big splash in the world of software testing.  Testlio was founded after CEO Kristel Kruustük was on the team that won the 2012.  A September 15th 2017 article by zdnet.com does a profile of the CEO and the company to provide insight on the software testing company’s mission and outlook on testing (http://www.zdnet.com/article/how-testilio-wants-to-rethink-software-testing/).  The CEO Kruustük worked at several companies around the world and noticed flaws that she saw within the software testing community.  Kruustük and her company take a different approach to their hires and their view toward junior level testers.  Testlio has found that companies that had strong diversity in their employees also had a clear improvement in their productivity.  Testlio has implemented this diversity hiring practice at their own company and have found the same increase in productivity.  Another practice that Testlio follows is putting more emphasis on junior level testers and move away from senior testers.  While Testlio has aggressively embraced this outlook on hiring youth it may not be what most people think..  Kruustük goes on to explain that this is not necessarily just the age of the tester or how long the tester has been in the business, but staying away from testers that have been in the same position and are less willing to try different methods or take advice from outside sources.  Kruustük and Testlio does not see testing as just a mundane task that has to be done, but instead as its own separate business.  This mentality has allowed Kruustük to grow Testlio into a business that has two offices, one in San Francisco and the other in Tallinn.  They also have 200 testers that work with roughly 650 million monthly users.  With the number of users and testers that Testlio has it is hard to deny that their unique approach to testing and employment process yields significant results and is part of a sustainable business model.  Testlio is a new company that is embracing junior testers that it’s found are more open to new ideas and thinking outside of the box.  I have a feeling that Testlio is a company that will continue to grow as they open their doors to a younger more diverse workforce.  They will soon become a very common name in the industry and I think will be a pioneer for a new outlook on testing, embracing diversity, and constantly bringing in new talent to their ranks.


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